Animal Communication 30 Min Session - $80

Animal communication can help gain insight on and start to heal certain issues your companion may be experiencing. By simply ‘being heard’ animals often experience a sense of relief and calm which can shift behavior and deepen relationships.

Animal Healing 60 Min Session - $150

A healing session begins with ​Animal Communication​ followed by ​one or more healing modalities ​tailored to your companion’s needs. The session may take up to an hour depending on the animal and situation.

What is Animal Healing?

Animal communication is the transfer of thoughts, pictures, words, and feelings
from an animal to me. This forms the cornerstone of my practice, enabling deep
connections with animals to understand their thoughts and emotions. This bond
fosters a safe space for healing, akin to confiding in a trusted friend. By perceiving
the world through their perspective, I tailor solutions to address each animal’s
unique needs.

I also employ Healing Touch for Animals (HTA), a gentle modality that clears,
balances, and strengthens the energy system, promoting overall well-being.
Additionally, I utilize Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), commonly known as
tapping, on both animals and their humans to manage emotions effectively.
Aromatherapy further complements healing, utilizing organic, therapeutic-grade
essential oils to soothe both physically and emotionally. From crafting essential oil
sprays to personal experiences like using lavender massages for relaxation, I offer
customized solutions for both animals and humans. Contact me for further
information or to purchase.

What is a Rainbow Bridge Doula?

As a Rainbow Bridge Doula, I specialize in providing compassionate end-
of-life care for beloved animal companions. Whether it’s guiding families
through the transition process, offering emotional support during
euthanasia, or creating meaningful final moments, I tailor my services to
meet each individual’s needs. From simple “bucket list” readings to
organizing “Best Last Days” filled with relaxation or celebration, I ensure
that the journey over the Rainbow Bridge is as beautiful and peaceful as

I’ve had the privilege of working with families during both expected and
unexpected transitions, offering comfort and assistance whenever needed.
From providing ongoing support from the moment of diagnosis to being on
call for sudden emergencies, I’m dedicated to making this difficult time as
gentle as possible.

My approach is deeply personal and unique to each animal, focusing on
creating moments of joy, comfort, and closure for both the pet and their
human companions. While there’s no set price for these services, they
typically range from $80 to $250. Please reach out to discuss how I can
support you and your beloved companion during this sensitive time.