A Lasting Legacy

Welcome to Paws and Remembrance: A Lasting Legacy, a heartfelt memorial page dedicated to honoring our sanctuary dogs who found their forever home with us and crossed the Rainbow Bridge. If you would like to pay tribute to these beloved companions, we invite you to make a donation in their honor. Your generous donations play a vital role in ensuring that these beloved dogs receive the care they need, including essential medicines and treatments, enabling them to live their remaining days in comfort and happiness. Together, let’s create a legacy of love and remembrance for these precious souls who have left paw prints on our hearts.


In loving memory of Bubbas, who shared 365 days of his cherished life with us, encompassing 31,536,000 present moments. Bubbas, the inaugural member of Payton’s Promise sanctuary, became a comforting presence for new arrivals, displaying an innate ability to offer solace to the anxious and sad. Bubbas reveled in life’s facets, holding deep affection for all. Lessons of profound love, unwavering laughter, and lightening life’s load was his legacy. Bubbas, a lion-hearted healer and teacher, is loved beyond measure.


Our beloved Tiger left us suddenly, but his memory remains etched in our hearts. Despite his own health challenges, he exuded joy, love, and playfulness. Tiger’s presence brought peace, harmony, and laughter to all who knew him. He touched lives with his unconditional acceptance and left an indelible mark on our souls. We are forever grateful for the love and support he received. May his spirit continue to inspire us to find joy in every moment and embrace the love that surrounds us. Rest in peace, dear Tiger. You are deeply loved and missed.

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