Introducing our newest addition, Tasha! At 10 years old, Tasha has faced her share of health challenges, including severe arthritis (especially in her spine), nerve impingement, hearing impairment, neurogenic bladder, and muscle weakness. When she first arrived,
Tasha could barely walk, and her first weeks were spent battling a severe pneumonia infection.

Despite her difficult start, Tasha has shown remarkable resilience and determination. With dedicated care and treatment, she now has a clean bill of health. Her strength is improving, and she’s able to walk short distances, a significant milestone considering her initial condition. Her
lungs are healing, and she’s on the path to recovery.

Tasha’s disposition is as sweet as can be. She enjoys affection and companionship, and her interactions with other dogs range from neutral to friendly. Recognizing the importance of building her strength and mobility, we’ve started pool rehabilitation sessions to aid in her
recovery and help her regain her strength. As Tasha continues to progress, she may become eligible for a special needs adoption, opening up the possibility of finding a loving forever home where she can continue to thrive and receive the care and attention she deserves. Tasha’s journey is a testament to her resilience and the power of love and care.

With each day, she grows stronger and more confident, showing us all the incredible potential for healing and transformation. We’re excited to see Tasha thrive and flourish in her new life at the sanctuary.

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Vaccinations up to date, intact, severe arthritis in spine, hard of hearing, neurogenic bladder, muscle weakness

Good in a home with


Prefers a home without

Stairs (we haven’t cat tested her yet…)