Despite her challenges, including glaucoma leading to complete blindness, Insulin-
Dependent Diabetes, and Cushing’s disease, Noelle’s gentle spirit continues to shine brightly.

In May, 2024 Noelle underwent surgery to remove her right eye due to severe glaucoma, an eye ulcer, and a shifting lens. Despite her blindness, Noelle’s gentle spirit and resilience continue to shine as she navigates her new world with grace. Her strength inspires us every day as she adjusts to her new way of life. We are committed to providing her with the love and care she deserves.

Navigating her way around the sanctuary with grace, Noelle has found her place within the pack, cherished and embraced by all. Her harmonious nature fosters loving interactions with both humans and fellow residents, showcasing her deep capacity for affection and resilience.

Despite her blindness, Noelle’s bark is loud and clear, confidently expressing her desires and adding a touch of charm to each interaction.

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